Ordering from Treats & Treasures

All personal information is confidential and will not be disclosed or shared with any third parties. Any details you provide to us during checkout will be used solely for the purposes of communicating about your order and delivering it to you. All online orders are to be prepaid by Paypal (using a credit card or your Paypal balance), payment card, or direct debit by bank transfer. Please make sure you have funds available as this can delay your order. An emailed order confirmation is sent once payment is received.

Delivery within Australia

We deliver most items within Australia for a fixed fee of $12.95. Your order will be delivered via Australia Post or in some situations courier, after confirmation of payment. Once an order has been dispatched an email ‘Order Complete’ will also be sent to you from Treats and Treasures. This means your order has been packed and sent and you now only have to wait for delivery.

Furthermore, we’ll ship most items within Australia for FREE once you spend $150 or more. 

International delivery

Generally, we’re able to offer delivery from Australia to wherever you might be. Our rates start at $AUD55 per order but may increase for larger items or packages.

Accuracy of product information

All the material on our website is provided in good faith to all. The information comes from various reliable resources and it is believed to be accurate and current as of the date of publication. Treats and Treasures, make no representation that the content contained on the website is always accurate and correct, nor do we accept any responsibility which may arise from any errors or omissions from that material. All due care is taken to provide accurate information and a secure website but ultimately your use of our website is at your own risk.