Swallow & Ariell’s ‘Biscuits & Cakes’, 36-page Catalogue copy

Swallow & Ariell’s ‘Biscuits & Cakes’, 36 page Catalogue, professional copy, c.1910’s – see more info below


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A prominent Victorian company in the history of Australian biscuit manufacturing; it was founded by Thomas Swallow in 1858 & in 1859 Thomas Harris Ariell joined the firm. A Mr.FT Derham (later an M.L.A.), who was the son-in-law of Thomas Swallow, joined the firm in 1879 and became managing director, a position held by several generations of Derhams. By 1880 the business was producing 150 different lines of biscuits. Later they began cake manufacturing with particular attention to wedding cakes. Swallow and Ariell was acquired by the Arnott-Brockhoff-Guest biscuit group in 1964 and the company de-listed in August 1964.