William Arnott ‘Bucket Series’ (Surf Beach scenes), 14 oz. Conical Biscuit Tin, c.1930’s – super rare!

vintage and highly collectable, William Arnott Ltd. ‘Bucket Series’ (1930’s surf beach scenes), 14 oz. Conical Biscuit Tin, c.1935 – super rare, especially in this excellent condition as revealed in the photos! – see below for more info.

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This most appealing lidded bucket tin, with original lid and handle, features typical 1930’s surf beach scenes. It is in near perfect condition and a most rare find. It has a very clear William Arnott stamp impressed on the bottom.  It is one of the 2 ‘Bucket’ tins Arnott’s released in the 1930’s;  the other being the ‘Bucket Series’ (Elf conducting choir of animals)